Body and Spirit

Grand Cru Chocolate, selected distillate and fruit concentrate refine eachother to body and spirit.

Only the best for our Whey-Truffles

That is why we solely use the dark Grand Cru Chocolate from the proven Swiss Chocolatier Max Felchlin AG in Schwyz. This high quality fine delicacy creates the body of our truffle and produces the unique character of our product.

Selected Variety

Our whey truffles are unique in their diversity. In close cooperation wih renowned distillers such as Louis Morand of Martigny or Appenzeller Alpenbitter we bind the spirit of the high quality distillate with our whey truffle and create an unprecedented combination. The fruit concentrates are of highest quality and naturally pure.

Your product in Whey-Chocolate-Truffles?

Since the first whey truffles family Koch is refining the chocolate with selected ingredients like distillate or brandy. The truffle reveals a new side to the added product and broadens the manufacturers assortment.

Exciting combinations fascinate us and so we are always open for new partnerships.