A Family Tradition

My apprenticeship to cook opened my eyes to the world of taste – a world with an unimaginable greatness. It lives and reveals to us again and again new possibilities, secrets and surprises. Gastronomy is my passion, Appenzell my home.

Family Koch

The connection of the Koch Family to Appenzell goes way back into its history. Already in the 18th century my ancestors were active in Innerrhoden. Proud farmers, shepherds and alpine herdsmen with their own land, cows and goats.

Back to the Roots

An animal that became, in the course of history, an important protagonist. During the flourishing period of Appenzell’s hand embroidery era, the Koch family was internationaly present and cared for its business relationships way past the Swiss borders. Thus my grandfather decided for agriculture and therefore back to the roots of our family history. His son, my father, was the one who again realized the potential of the domestic goat and completely specialised the family business to this animals care taking.

Innovation in the Tradition

Even today the Koch family draws from the goats potential and diversity. My father is still the project handy man, beyond compare. His passion, expertise and innovative spirit he shares with his sons. It is my brother Mathias who obtains the Appenzell goat milk and creates it into a high quality cheese. I purchase the whey from him and allow my passion, my family and my home to be professionally interlocked. With the guest and chocolate house I am able to keep pursuing the pioneer spirit and traditions of my family.

Lukas Koch, General Manager