Appenzell’s culture and tradition is very lively. Not at the least through history, these are preserved and passed on. Neuhof also has its history- from “Pompishüsli” to Chocolate- & Guest House Neuhof:
On the spot where Neuhof stands today, there once stood the “Pompishüsli”, which was mentioned the first time in the year 1800. Beginning of the 20th century “the consecrated demolition of the cabin” becomes a tavern: the Neuhof.

Even then Neuhof, under the management of “Bösslersfranz” named Franz Anton Fässler, served as a Restaurant and unto this day has stayed that way. Around 20 years later, in the year 1921, the ownership of Neuhof went to the family, which to this day still manages it: Anton Enzler- Moser, “Chutelistoni” bought the real estate for a price of CHF 14,000.00 and a tip of CHF 100.00.

Since then Neuhof has been a part of the family and has been handed down from generation to generation. In 1960 the left side of the building was completely torn down and built new. For that time it was considered a progressive building. The modern Infrastructure allowed the “Neuhof truly to be a new place.. a good effective illuminated advertising, signals a welcome to lively drinks” is published in newspapers.

In the year 2000 the restaurant is leased by Mario and Donatella d’Errico- the culture centre Centro Italiano is created. The couple manages their highly admired Restaurant and pamper guests with Italian specialties until their retirement in 2018.

By the end of 2018 the real estate is again bequeathed to the family. Carmen and Lukas Koch-Fässler renovate the former “Pompishüsli” thoroughly into the Guest- and Chocolate House Neuhof. Since April 2019 the couple invites you, like generations before “to lively drinks” – with a new illuminated advertising, but with the same cordiality.